Our Real Estate division allow you to have the best properties, construction companies, investors and developers in the country

We offer an extensive Real Estate portfolio in which you may find the type of project you want to invest in, also allow you to advertise through our website the property you want to sell or rent.

We focus on selling high-value properties such as buildings, shopping malls, warehouses which generate very competitive returns compared to other investment products.

We also offer advice for the sale, rent or purchase of properties such as:

  • Apartments
  • Lands
  • Offices
  • Commercial premises

Sale of properties of high value, high profitability aimed at investors

We have a wide range of properties in which there are buildings, shopping malls and warehouses rented or without tenants; this line of business is focused on high net worth investors.

Sale of land development permits and blueprints

As part of our Real Estate portfolio we offer land with an advanced process in paperwork which allows the investor to acquire the property, save time and begin the project development in a short period.

Financial guarantees and land surveying services

Within our group of collaborators we have accredited professionals in the fields of engineering and architecture with extensive knowledge in property valuations.

Sale and rental of properties

In this line of business we have available residential homes, apartments and land for rent or sale. Our customers may find the property listings on our website, also anyone interested may contact us to include any asset information they would like to offer.

Consultancy and Real Estate Developments

We have commercial agreements with the main construction companies in the country, which make the development of any real estate project possible. Quote with us your project and get the best cost in the market.

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