This division is dedicated to importing high quality medicines produced by the most renowned pharmaceutical companies in the world, fulfilling stringent manufacturing processes and laboratory tests which ensure patient satisfaction and efficient management of clinical episodes.

Nimet Corp Medical works for a healthier world where the people’s quality of life is of paramount importance. The company has a portfolio of products focused on prevention treatments and cure of diseases through a range of therapeutic areas.

Health is essential for everyone, as it is for our company to find sustainable healthcare solutions to the health challenges experienced in the region.

Sale of pharmaceutical products

We offer a wide range of high quality pharmaceutical products focused on improving the quality of life of our customers by providing accessibility for most of the population; select the product you need on our website and place your order.

Pharmaceutical specialist advice

Nimet Corp Medical has trained personnel with extensive knowledge of our products , which can advise your company about: pharmacokinetics , pharmacology , dosage, etc.